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A Trusted Partner for your International Financial transactions.

Trading Funds for Feasible Projects.

Tailor made Private and Corporate solutions.

Further Advantages

Private Banking

Through gaining experience in various economic periods, our team are able to identify the best opportunities whether we are in good times or bad times.

Corporate Banking

We meet real client needs with real solutions which harness synergies between our business divisions: CIB, Commercial Banking and Wealth Management.

Wealth Management

Wealth OBU LTD experts take the time to get to know you and understand your ambitions, and create unique solutions for every stage of your life.

Trade Finance

Wealth OBU is partnered with several financial institutions around the world to offer services that include international project and trade finance.


Online Banking

Our Online Banking uses highly secure technology with two factor authenticaton that allows you to safely access your account from anywhere in the world. You can manage all of your accounts, assets and cards with us, conveniently on one website.

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Private Banking
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Looking for a First-Class Business Corporate Banking Services ?

Wealth OBU Ltd is licensed and regulated in Comoros Union and does NOT require any FCA or PRA license to provide its banking services.

NOT Governed by KM Union Central Bank

Maore (Mayotte), N’gazidja (Grande Camore), Mwali (Moheli) and Ndzuwani (Anjouan) are four self-ruling and independent Islands. They collectively make up the federation of the KM Union. In turn, Mwali Island is further divided into territorial decentralized collectivities standing for the sovereign people.

After release from the grip of the ruling power of the preceding Republic in 1998, the Moheli Government took into use a Recent and new Legislation for incorporating companies which also included regulating financial entities. This first legislation was regarded as Mwali services law 1998, and was then amended in year 2001.

Furthermore, each Island of the four (In accordance to the constitutional guidelines of the KM Union ; Islands has complete ruling power and freedom in the union. This includes each of them having their separate constitution. Amendment to site of registrar – Google Docs, their leader either Governor or President, and also parliament. The Article of the constitution states that «each island shall administer and manage its affairs freely».

Although, some advances have been made in form of interference for some years, however, the Mwali people enjoys freedom in its financial sector as its NOT governed by the KM Union Central Bank. Moheli also has an inner legislation of its own which based on the management and the governance of Offshore financial activities sector far back as 1998.

The Union of KM Constitution states that ‘Organization’s administrators, Commercial or industrial entities and units’ and ‘fairs and markets’ will be under the governance of each Island. This has the constitution’s support from the Union of KM for independent companies Banking and Registry.

In addition, article 36-38 of the Mwali Constitution discuss explicitly the Island Patrimony whether the private or public, which M.I.S.A. is also a part and the ability of promoting and governing private investment. Conclusively, in article 63, there is a portion which contains a transitory provision of the presiding power of the International Services Authority Institution of Mwali, this was in existence by law before the use of the constitution, which was formulated by Assembly degree in year 1999, and even till today, it is the only governing body for the self-ruling territory of Moheli (Mwali), which is to take care of rendering financial activities and licensing

Also in year 2013, the Government used amendment to policies related to Banking activities and others. Furthermore, the government used the new adopted regulation which deals with virtual currencies and this was in the year 2013.